Moosa Welfare Trust

Moosa Welfare Trust International is Community based NGO, working from 1989 for All people; we are working on Cancer treatment, Education, Recruitment, Marriage Settlement and Rehabilitation of needy people in & outside the Pakistan. Provision of aid to regions suffering from war or natural disasters, e.g. earthquakes, floods, fires etc.

The Moosa Trust Mission is to link individual NGOs efforts by strengthening their capacity so that they can actively participate in community development, Policy analysis, environment and other social emerging issues and problems in and beyond the Pakistan.

Syed Moosa Raza Naqvi was the great Shia Social Worker. – He was also the close friend of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah (founder of Pakistan). He was the Leader of Shia Muslim Youth organization before partition. He builds lots of Imam Bargahs in Pakistan and Bangladesh after & before partition. He was the Fellow of Ex Pakistani President Ghulam Ishaq Khan.